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Style #8790
(Popular Fabrics)
  Style #278
Tissue Faille
Style #444
Peach Skin Faille
Style #981
Crepe Back Satin
Style #999
Wonder Crepe


  Style #3664
Ecclesiastical Brocade
Style #3664 (Cont.)
Ecclesiastical Brocade
Style #981
Satin Back Crepe (Reversible)


White Ice Yellow Ice Pink Celery Lavender
Optical White Maize Pink Nile Orchid
Winter White Canary Rose Pink Willow Purple
Ivory Gold Tropical Pink Olive Light Grey
Tan Antique Fuschia Dark Green Dark Grey
Bisque Peach Mauve Spruce Cardinal
Army Tan Orange Aqua Emerald Cranberry
Luggage Bright Orange Ice Blue Jade Maroon
Coffee Tomato Light Blue Turquoise Loden
Medium Brown Red Light Copen Cadet Navy
Dark Brown Bright Red Copen Royal Dark Navy


Brocade Tissue Velvet Broadcloth Crepe
Brocades trademark of rich, vibrant color and vivid patterns are machine washable. This beautiful fabric, used in combination with our other fabrics, adds a luxurious accent to any robe.
The newest generation of ultra-light weight premium polyester fabrics. Its silk-like feel is ideal for warm climates when cool comfort and elegance is a necessity.
Velvet accents the rich beauty and quaility found in every one of our clergy robes or capes. Rayon and acetate. Dry clean only.
Our light, carefree Broadcloth is favored for its smooth comfort and economy. It is an extremely durable and practical fabric.
"Truly outstanding" describes this fine fabric. The year-round weight, draping quality and richness always please. The crepe weave sheds wrinkles and wears extremely well.
    0213 White
  0210 Hunter Green
  0211 Black
  0212 Wine
  0214 Ivory
  0215 Burnished Gold
  0216 Red
  0217 Eggplant
  0218 Navy
  102 Red
  103 Wine
  104 Mauve
  105 Primrose
  109 Royal
  1010 Navy
  1013 Black
  1017 Teal
  1018 Purple
    1028 White
  1022 Ivory
  1101 Ruby Red
  1102 Spanish Red
  1103 Black
  1104 Purple
  1105 Beige
    1106 White
  1107 Brown
  1108 Light Blue
  1109 Royal
  1110 Navy
  1111 Emerald
  2214 Daffodil
    2215 White
  2217 Light Blue
  2218 Royal Blue
  2220 Black
  2227 Pink
  2228 Navy
  2229 Forest Green
  2230 Teal
  2231 Purple
  551 Dusty Blue
  552 Jelly
  553 Lilac
  558 Dusty Rose
  559 Cranberry
  5510 Scarlet
  5511 Pink
  5517 Gold
  5512 Wine
  5513 Brown
  5519 Mint
Crepe Wondercrepe Wondercrepe Oxford VISA Oxford VISA
A soil release finish has been added to this exceptional fabric. Advantages of this fabric are maximum resistance to wrinkles and machine washable. The texture also allows air circulation for added comfort.
This is our most popular fabric. High quality is expressed in its appearance. Advantages include: color retention, stains, and odors wash out, and the fabric breathes to keep the wearer comfortable. Visa fabric is highly recommended.
  5520 Dusty Green
  5522 Emerald
  5523 Spruce
  5524 Light Blue
  5527 Navy
  5528 Gray
  5529 Black
    5530 White
  5531 Candlelight
  5532 Eggshell
  5533 Beige
  5534 Royal Blue
  5535 Teal Blue
  5701 Eggplant
  5702 Navy
  5703 Sapphire
  5704 Azure
  5705 Don Teal
  5706 Teal
  5707 Nu Gold
  5708 Gleaming Gold
  5709 Forest Green
  5710 Emerald
  5711 Spruce
  5712 Jade
  5713 Cream
  5714 Eggshell
  5715 Beige
    5716 White
  5718 Scarlet
  5719 Garnet
  5720 Mauve
  5721 Pink
  5722 Violet
  5723 Jelly
  5724 Black
  5725 Grey
  661 Rich Maroon
  662 Black
    663 White
  665 Eggshell
  667 Bright Red
  668 Copen Blue
  669 Aztec Gold
  6610 Light Gray
  6611 Forest Green
  6612 Royal Blue
  6613 Navy Blue
  6614 Candlelight
  6615 Purple
  6616 Mauve
  6617 Wine
  6618 Jade
  6619 Pearl Grey
  6620 Teal Blue
  6621 Sapphire Blue
  6622 Light Blue
  6623 Orchid
  6624 Sugar Plum
  6626 Teal Green
  6627 Marigold
Satin Polyester Satin Polyester Satin Faille Baptismal
Favored for stoles and trim. The soft sheen of satin highlights and accents the accessories worn with robes. Dry clean only.
Our newest fabric has the sheen of satin and the easy care of polyester combined. This fabric can be used for trim on robes or the entire robe can be tailored in this fabric. The brocade fabric also works well when used with the polyester satin. Machine wash, warm, delicate cycle, tumble dry low, use coll iron.
A premium fabric of superior richness. Those who prefer the beauty of a faille weave appreciate the quality of this handsome fabric. The colors are true and rich.
Number 202 poly-cotton. Water repellent finish. Machine washable delicate cycle. Hang to dry. Available in White only.
    771 Old Gold
  772 Gold
  774 Eggshell
    776 White
  777 Silver Grey
  778 Black
  7711 Sugarbeet
  7712 Red
  7713 Purple
  7714 Blue
  7716 Green
  7717 Teal Blue
  7718 Hunter Green
  7901 Wine
  7902 Eggplant
  7903 Red
  7904 Spruce
  7905 Royal
  7906 Navy
  7907 Cranberry
  7908 Brown
  7909 Gray
  7910 Buttercup
  7911 Gold
  7912 Ivory
  7913 Eggshell
    7914 White
  7915 Black
  7916 Purple
  9910 Black
    9911 White
  9912 Maroon
  9913 Scarlet
  9914 Royal
  9915 Navy
  9916 Gray
  9917 Eggshell
  9918 Purple
  9919 Mauve
  9920 Green
    202 White


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