The Finest In Custom Clergy & Choir Robes and Cassocks

Robes Of Royalty has been designing custom cassocks, clergy and choir robes for over 35 years providing the best in handcrafted apparel quality. We offer lines for both men and women and involve our customers in the entire robe construction process - from choosing the color to choosing the design. Whether your design or ours, we are committed to giving you the finest in fabric selections, quality and service. We are pleased to present custom samples of some our work created from foundation designs that have been highly acclaimed from our current customers. Check back to this site regularly for variations possible with our core line of apparel.

Style EC-600
Royal Blue Gardine Cassock

The examples below are but a few of the many fine robes we offer in our catalog.
Click on any link or image below for further details on each of these quality garments.


Style TT-100
In Maroon Gabardine
w/ White Buttons
  Style 4437
w/ 12" Velvet Cross
  Style PA-912
In Black Gabardine w/
White Cording & Buttons
  Style 4434
Style 4436T
  Style RP-200
In White Gabardine
w/ Red Trim & Cording


Style 2231
Semi-Fitted Cassock
w/ Standing Collar
  Style WFG-100
In Aqua Ecclesiastical

Style 2231T
Style 4703

  Style WPE-6057
Two Piece
In Coral Ecclesiastical

Style EC-001
In White


Style ST-SL2903
In Tan w/ 7 Buttons
  Style ST-A9103GL
In Charcoal w/ 3 Buttons
  Style ST-Y764GA
In Black, Double Breasted Tuxedo
   Style ST-B662XR
In Black & White Mini Houndstooth Pattern
   Style ST-AMALFI301
In Grey w/ 4 Buttons


Style BL-1000
In Black w/ 2 Simulated Brass Buttons
  Style BL-1050
In Gray w/ 2 Buttons
  Style BL-1060
In Black w/ 3 Buttons

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